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Achieve success because of your personal excellence in work ethic, effort, personal standards, and student mentality. Not at other people’s expense.”


President & Ceo

Angel is an entrepreneur and business coach. He grew up in Venezuela and moved to Georgia in 2001. He started his first two companies while going to Kennesaw State University and learned he had a passion for business and self-development at an early age. After graduating Angel was one of three people who launched a pilot that was so successful it created an entire new channel for a major client reaching $100 million in revenue in its first 4 years. He then opened businesses in New Jersey, Cleveland, Louisville, Kansas City, St Louis and in 2016 came back to Atlanta to launch ABC Consultant Group.

Angel now focuses on coaching and developing people and organizations by providing hands on training and educational services to people who share the same drive to reach their potential regardless of their background. He believes that peoples professional growth is influenced by the decisions we make not the conditions we find ourselves in.



The goal isn’t to live forever but to create something that will.”


Director of human resources

“My favorite part about working with ABC, is having the opportunity to build long lasting relationships and the passion to help one another succeed”

Niza is originally from San Angelo, Texas but grew up most of her life in MS right on the coast.  Before joining the ABC team, Niza worked in the call center industry to where she gained skills in customer service and leadership. Throughout her experience she knew that wasn't enough for her. She wanted an opportunity that was challenging, had room for growth , and overall fun! Today, Niza plays a big role in our business as our Director of Human Resources. Her main goal is to provide endless opportunities for her colleagues through compassion and bold determination. She aims to help each individual be fearless and develop to their fullest potential. Some fun things to know about her is that she is known as our social butterfly, she loves to express her creative side through social media marketing for our top markets and on her free time she loves watching Disney movies and spending time with family!

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“Only I can change my life no one can do it for me.”


Junior Partner

Jorge's favorite part of working at ABC is that it doesn’t feel like a regular 9-5 so it doesn’t even feel like working!

Jorge grew up in Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico.  He attended Reinhardt University and studied marketing.  Before ABC, Jorge worked at a warehouse with little room for moving up the ladder.  The summer going into his senior year of college, Jorge applied for an internship with ABC.  Over the summer he discovered he could never go back to a 9 to 5. Jorge decided to stay with ABC while doubling up on his fall semesters classes so he could finish up early.  Today, Jorge hold the spot as our Assistant Manager and is in the process of taking his career to the next level. You can find Jorge around the office teaching or making someone laugh, and looking forward to the next team night.



“Don’t let imaginary barriers keep you from achieving your goals.”



Pearl is a recent graduate from the University of Mississippi and moved to Atlanta in hopes of new adventures, and finding right opportunities to kick start her career. Growing up Pearl had the opportunity to live in India, and China before her family settled in Darlington, South Carolina. Her passion for travel and diversity will always be apart of who she is, and this desire guided her in making the decision to join ABC Consultants Group. As our Human Resource Recruiter, Pearl enjoys meeting potential candidates, and helping our company expand through out the nation. Pearl also values the growth, travel opportunities, and the diverse relationships she has built within our organization. Other cool things about Pearl, she has the cutest dog named Bean, picked up cooking as a new hobby, and loves tailgating for the Ole Miss' football games!