“ Growing Business By Growing People “


 Our Impact

Founded in 2012, ABC Consultants group has defiantly created a reputation for itself in the direct marketing industry. Through hard work and dedication ABC has expanded nation wide to seven locations and is expected to expand to three more markets by the end of the year. By simply providing authentic and effective branding for our clients. We believe face to face interaction, and engaging conversations are a great way to build profitable business relationships. Here at ABC we thrive in providing endless opportunities for individuals that look for success that has no limits and willing to put the work in to gain the results they seek!

Our Values

1. Positivity

Having positive energy is everything. Its what fuels your mindset to conquer your task at hand but also reflects how others react towards you.

2. Performance

Here at ABC we believe in 100% merit base. The results you put in are the results you’ll get in return.

3. Integrity

We take pride in our morals and values and knowing what is right from wrong

4. Diversity

No matter what what race, ethnicity, and background you may have we believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity and has their own uniqueness to help our business thrive.



is never by mere chance; it is the result

of forces working together

- James Cash Penny